KL Ranch Cliffside  
Camping and Tubing On the Guadalupe River

Burn Ban:  OFF River Flow:  800cfs

High Flows! Tubing is allowed, caution should be used!

5300 River Rd
New Braunfels, TX 78132
(830) 626-3663
About Us

The owner's great great grandfather began acquiring land in the 1870's which later became KL Ranch.  During his lifetime he acquired over 1700 acres of land.  During this time a man named Louis Klappenbach leased the property to graze his cattle and used his initials "KL" for his cattle brand.  After some time he sold all of his cattle to Mr. Bretzke along with his cattle brand.  Therefore, the property came to be known as Bretzke Ranch and later KL Ranch.  In the 1950's the river property began to develop as a campground.  It was called KL Picnic & Campgrounds.  The area along the river exploded in popularity after Canyon Dam was built in the mid 60's.  In the 1970's the owners changed the name to KL Ranch Camp.  In 2014 KL Ranch Camp was split into two sections, KL Ranch Camp Cliffside and KL Ranch Camp "On the River".