KL Ranch Cliffside  
Camping and Tubing On the Guadalupe River

Burn Ban:  OFF River Flow:  800cfs

High Flows! Tubing is allowed, caution should be used!

5300 River Rd
New Braunfels, TX 78132
(830) 626-3663

River Information


The "CAN BAN" DOES NOT apply to our section of the Guadalupe River!!!


The Lower Guadalupe River flows from the bottom of Canyon Lake, keeping it cool, even in the heat of a Texas summer. The flow of the river is completely dependent on the release rate from Canyon Dam and is measured in cubic feet per second (cfs). 

Ideal recreational flow for the Guadalupe are between 100-500 cfs.  Even at low flows, KL Ranch Cliffside has trips available without having to walk.  The river is considered dangerous over 1,000 cfs and tubing is not recommended. 

Before you take your trip, "know the flow".  You can call us at (830) 626-3663 for the most current river flow and lake level information.  

River Regulations

  • No Styrofoam
  • No Glass
  • Possession of open plastic containers of 5 oz. or less is prohibited on the water ("Jell-O Shot containers")
  • All children 12 & under must wear life jackets when boating, kayaking, canoeing, or rafting
  • All boats must have the same number of life jackets as people on board
  • No trespassing on private property
  • No littering
  • Public nuisance behavior will not be tolerated

Tube Rental


KL Ranch Cliffside offers a variety of options when floating the Guadalupe River! We have trips starting at 1 hour to 8 hours, and several in between. Trip times and drop offs do change depending on the flow of the water.



Tube w/ Bottom


Tube w/ out Bottom


1 person Kayak


Addition Shuttle (with Rental)

 *Parking and 1 Shuttle are included in the price of the tubes


There is no deposit required for campers of KL Ranch Cliffside.  If you are not camping here we can take your car keys as a deposit, you don't want to take them on the river with you anyways!! If for some reason you lose or damage a tube the cost is $20 per tube. 

Please call us for group rates (over 20) and the most current river trip information!


Shuttle Service


KL Ranch Cliffside DOES allow campers to bring their own tubes, rafts, and other private equipment.  We offer a shuttle service for customers who choose to bring their own equipment.  Prices and trips do vary and may be different from trips offered with a tube rental.  When renting a tube your shuttle and parking are included.


While we do offer this service, we also recommend renting tubes!  When you rent a tube it is kinda like having insurance.  If something happens while you are on the river you can stop at any river outfitter and they will either help you out, or call us to help you!  For example; if your tube springs a leak, the place you stop can trade you or call us, and we will bring you a new tube!  This is not an option if you have your own equipment.


Please call us at (830) 626-3663 for rates and information.

"Know the Flow Before you Go!"