One of the best things about camping at KL Ranch Cliffside is it gives you time to relax and “reset” by enjoying the gorgeous River Road scenery and unplugging from the daily grind. This can all be ruined by bad camping neighbors. Here are a few tips for how NOT to be that bad camping neighbor!

Quiet Time
Many parks designate “quiet hours” for all patrons to observe. At KL Ranch Cliffside our Quiet Time is from 11:00pm – 7:00am.  We don’t expect you to be silent during this time, but refrain from loud noise or music or having a loud party. Be respectful of those around you who are trying to sleep to prepare for their next day’s adventures on the Guadalupe River. We know there are times when you aren’t able to avoid arriving at the campground during quiet hours, so we just ask that you try to be as quiet as possible when setting up.

Being able to explore outdoors is advantageous for young and old. Just don’t relax so much that you drive your neighbors crazy. Set expectations and ground rules for children before you go camping. Remind them of common courtesy rules such as don’t run into someone else’s campsite, keep voices on the quiet side and be aware of others and take precautions when riding bikes or scooters through the campground.

First and foremost make sure you know if there is a burn ban or not in place for where you are camping. These can change daily, so if you aren’t sure, always check with the office about the status. Use only wood when burning a fire and don’t burn your trash. Be sure you are following campground rules when burning a fire and ALWAYS extinguish your fire when you are finished, going to bed or leaving. You don’t want to be the person responsible for starting a larger fire.

Trash and Waste
It is impossible to not have trash or waste of some kind when camping. Be sure you are disposing of your trash or waste in an appropriate way. No one wants extra “visitors” to their campsite or adjacent campsite because food or other trash has been left out. Do not litter! Keep the campgrounds at KL Ranch Cliffside clean and enjoyable for everyone. If RV camping be sure to empty your black or gray water tanks in designated areas only.

This brings up another aspect, wildlife. Do not share food with any type of animal or wildlife in your camping area. You may not think it’s a big deal to share just a nibble, but you never know what other creatures it may attract and how quickly that wildlife may multiply in appearance. Be smart, safe and respectful to your camping crew and those around you by refusing to share with non-humans.

Clean Up After Yourself
Ideally, you don’t want anyone to know you were ever at your campsite when you leave. Like the old adage states, “leave it cleaner than you found it” is a great rule of thumb to use in this situation. This is not only for your neighbor but also for the next person who uses your campsite. Move back anything you moved and be sure to clean up everything around your campsite.

By following these few camping etiquette tips you can make camping at KL Ranch Cliffside in New Braunfels, Texas enjoyable for everyone. Can’t wait to see you!