While some believe that fall weather means the end of camping season, we at KL Ranch Cliffside believe it is a great time to camp! Summer camping is great, especially with the added bonus of being able to take a float trip down the Guadalupe River, but there are also many advantages to fall camping.

Cooler Weather
Days are hot in summer while camping in New Braunfels, but during the fall we have gorgeous temperatures. It’s still warm enough to enjoy the outdoors during the day; however, you can take advantage of cooler nights and even throw on a favorite sweater and gather around a campfire.

Fewer Bugs
No one enjoys those pesky mosquitoes during the summer months or having to remember to pack the citronella candles and bug spray. During the fall weather all those bugs disappear and you can truly enjoy the outdoors!

Comfort Food
Most comfort food, especially that great Southern comfort food, is warm. It is sometimes hard to enjoy those meals when the weather is hot. Take advantage of the cooler fall temps to enjoy those comfort foods while camping.

Changing Leaves
KL Ranch is blessed with many trees along River Road. By camping in the fall, you will be able to enjoy the stunning fall foliage and changing leaves of those trees. Fall is a great time to enjoy a hike among those trees and makes for gorgeous pictures!

More Site Availability
Securing a camping site at KL Ranch Cliffside can be difficult during the busy summer months, especially on holiday weekends. During the fall, campsites are much easier to reserve and is a great time to try out that perfect site you have been eyeing. You can even save money as rates are cheaper during the offseason.

Regardless of when you decide to camp, we always welcome you to visit KL Ranch Cliffside!