Planning a trip to KL Ranch Cliffside? Reservations may be necessary depending on when you are planning to visit. Reservations are highly recommended, especially if you are camping on a weekend or would like a specific site. Our office starts taking reservations the second Monday of January each year for the upcoming season. Reservations are taken by phone only. You can get quick info and request availability by clicking the BOOK NOW button on our website; however, calling the office is the quickest way to make a reservation and to get the most current availability. 

How early do I need to make a reservation?
The full hookup RV sites and Riverfront tent with electric fill up very quickly, especially on peak season weekends. Making a reservation a couple months in advance is recommended. Tent sites with electric not on the river usually require reservations a couple of weeks in advance. We also have primitive campsites and overflow camping. These areas usually only fill up on holiday weekends, so they do not usually require a prior reservation, unless you are planning to make a trip during a holiday weekend. 

How many tents/people fit in a campsite
Our campsites will hold about 2-3 small to medium sized (4-8 man) tents and about 8-12 people. Tents take up space, not people. If you have 10 people sleeping in 1 tent it is very comfortable. 8 people sleeping in 4 tents can be a tight squeeze. This is a general estimate. Our campsites are all different sizes and have their own unique qualities. If you let. our staff know how many tents/people you will have, they will work to find a campsite that best suits your group.
RV sites can fit 1-2 tents in the site along with the RV. 

What am I required to pay when I make my reservation? 
When making a reservation you are required to pay the site fee for a minimum number of adults for the number of nights your reservation is for. The number of prepaid adults is dependent upon the type and number of sites reserved. Additional guests to your campsites can pay upon arrival. Deposits are due at the time of making a reservation and are payable with a credit card over the phone. 

What information do I need to make a reservation? 
When you are ready to make a reservation please have the following information available: length of your RV, 30 amp or 50 amp service (if applicable), number of people in your group, number of tents in your group (if applicable) and the dates you would like to stay. 

What is your cancellation policy?
Reservations cancelled ** days before arrival:
21 Days or More: 5% fee
8 – 20 Days: 10% fee
7 Days – 24 Hours: 1 Night Charge (per site), Holiday: 2 Night Charge (per site)
Less than 24 Hours: 2 Night Charge (per site), Holiday: 3 Night Charge (per site)
*24 Hour notice is based on a 2pm check in time, not your time of arrival.
*Dropping a night or site is the same as cancelling.
*No Call or No Show, NO REFUND!

Browse our website for more information and pictures of our RV & Tent Sites. Call our office today to make a reservation at 830-626-3663