The Guadalupe River and KL Ranch Cliffside are known for their tubing adventures, but fall weather brings cooler temperatures and the water is a little chilly for tubing. If you are looking for great exercise or a calm kayaking experience the Guadalupe is a great river. If you are an avid kayaker seeking rapids, you may have to search elsewhere, as the rapids along the Guadalupe River are basic. Kayaking in the fall is much less crowded than the summer and you are able to take in beautiful fall foliage. You will need to prepare for cooler weather compared to the hot summer months. Here are some other tips for kayaking in the fall.

Make sure the rental shop is open. If you are renting a kayak for your trek down the river, make sure to call beforehand. Some companies will close if the weather isn’t ideal.

Wear appropriate clothing. You should wear quick dry fabrics for all layers of your clothing, shirt, pants, underwear etc. Cotton fabrics should be avoided as it traps moisture and clings to your skin. You do not want to be on the river cold and wet.

Kayak in the afternoon. Temperatures are warmer during the afternoon, which also increases the water temperature. Don’t forget that it does get darker earlier in the fall so you want to plan your trip accordingly. Don’t get stuck on the river in the dark.

Use a sit-in kayak. Using a sit-in kayak will provided added warmth and shield you from water better than a sit-on-top kayak. 

Pack for changes in weather. Be sure to bring a light jacket with you, you never know when the temperature or wind might change. A hat, sunscreen and sunglasses are also recommended for protection. Some kayaks are outfitted with dry compartments to keep your belongings protected. Also, many rental companies have drybags or you can bring your own. 

Bring essentialsWe recommend packing your cellphone. While some may not see this as an essential on the water, it is useful if you get into trouble. There are many waterproof container options to protect your phone from moisture. It is advantageous to invest in one of these. Water and snacks are also other essentials you should have with you. You will need to stay hydrated on the water and will work up an appetite with your paddling. Another item we recommend packing is bug spray or insect repellant just in case. There is a decrease in the bug population in fall weather, but you don’t want to be on the water without it. 

Fall is a great time to take in the changing leaves of nature and enjoy the great outdoors. What better way to enjoy these changes than from the water. Book your stay at KL Ranch Cliffside in New Braunfels, Texas today!