KL Ranch Cliffside offers several different tube trips for our patrons. Tube trips will vary based on the water flow. All of our tube trips go up river and end at our campground. Currently we have a few trips available. Check out the info below to help determine which trip is best for you and your entire family or group. (Please note each trip includes the trip(s) listed above it. You are just going up the river further the longer trip you take.)

Bubba’s Big Deck – KL (1.5 – 2 hour trip)
This trip is a good trip right now. It has mostly deep water so there is minimal walking. This is a good trip for both kids and grown ups. It goes through the stair step rapids and past a cool rope swing the kids love.

Roy’s Rentals – KL (4 – 5 hour hour trip)
Roy’s Rentals is located right at the 2nd Crossing. This is a longer trip with some shallower areas shortly after the start of the trip (may require some walking). The key to not having to walk as much is staying in the flow of the water and paying attention to where you are!

Lonestar Floathouse – KL (6 – 7 hour trip)
This is the trip we recommend for people who just want to spend all day on the river. It’s currently a long one. There is some deeper water above the 2nd Crossing and no rapids on the trip, you are basically just adding time to your float trip. An added plus to this trip is you can grab the best burger in Texas at the Lonestar Floathouse before your trip!¬†

BKs – KL (8 – 9 hour trip)
This trip is currently slow and long. You are dropped off above the chutes, which is a great time for kids. You can jump out at the bottom of the chutes and walk back up as many times as you would like. Just remember, the time you spend at the chutes is not included in the trip time, so plan accordingly. During low flow, the chutes is the best running rapid on the river.

Our top priority is for you and your group to have fun. We will adjust trips as much as possible to satisfy what your group wants. During non-peak times, such as during the week when business is slower, a trip from BKs to Roy’s may be available. This is about a 4 hour trip. It allows you to go through the chutes without¬† committing to a full day trip.

If for any reason you can’t make it through your entire trip, we will come pick you up early. Just get out at a river business and give us a call, or ask the business to give us a call, and we will come pick you up where you are.

Contact the office for more information or to schedule your tube trip! Be sure to check out our Tubing Checklist as well. Happy floating!