Just because it is HOT in the Hill Country, it doesn’t mean you have to avoid camping fun on the Guadalupe River. Here are some ways you can still enjoy camping in the sweltering New Braunfels weather and not let high temperatures ruin your fun. Make sure safety and health is your number one concern while camping on River Road in hot temperatures, as increased temperatures can open up opportunities for issues to develop.

Food and Drink When Camping in the Heat
Water is always important when camping, but it is even more important when you are camping in hot water. You should drink more water than you think you should to keep from becoming dehydrated. Dehydration can lead to many other problems, but can be avoided by drinking plenty of water. If you feel thirsty you have already become dehydrated. It is recommended you should drink about a gallon of water per day. Before you go on your summer camping trip, attempt to acclimate yourself to drinking at least a gallon of water a day. You will be surprised how much water that actually is.

Another important thing to remember when camping in the high temperatures during summer at KL Cliffside Ranch is how to keep your food cold. You can purchase a high-end insulated cooler to keep food and drink cold or choose to utilize a less expensive cooler and freeze the food you plan to take before leaving for your camping trip. Regardless of the type of cooler you use, you should only open it when necessary. Contents inside the cooler will lose their cool temperature with the constant opening and closing of the cooler.

When meal planning for your camping trip to New Braunfels, choose breakfast and lunch foods that do not have to be cooked over a hot campfire. It cools off in the evenings, so using a campfire to cook supper should be tolerable, but it’s not something you want to have to do during the heat of the day. Hotter temperatures usually means increased fire dangers as well, so that is something else to be aware of.

Staying Cool While Sleeping When Camping in the Heat 
Attempting to sleep in the heat can be completely miserable. The perfect recipe for a terrible night’s sleep is tossing, turning and sweating. You want to make sure you have the correct summer camping gear in order to avoid this. A winter sleeping bag is not something you want to pack for your camping trip to KL Ranch Cliffside. It is built specifically to keep you warm in freezing temperatures and not to also keep you cool when the sun is beating down all day long. An inexpensive polyester fleece sleeping bag is a perfect choice to keep you cool while sleeping along the Guadalupe River.

Air flow in your tent is also key when you are camping in high temperatures. Vents and windows in your tent are critical to increase the air circulation. Important to remember is that hot temperatures can also mean surprise thunderstorms, not something you want to get stuck getting soaked during downpours. To prevent getting wet, simply string a basic tarp between two trees, allowing tent cover while keeping vents and windows open in your ten.

The location of your when you set up your tent is also critical in remaining cool at night. Find a place that has shade and a constant breeze. Face your tent into the breeze to maximize circulation.

Things to Wear When Camping in the Heat 
The most important thing to pack to wear for your camping trip is sunscreen. A sunburn is a quick way to make the rest of your trip miserable. Also recommended is a hat and sunglasses to help shield your face from the sun as much as possible. The most comfortable clothing for camping is light-colored, loose fitting clothing. Avoid keeping your feet cramped up in boots or tennis shoes which add to your heat. Sandals are a great option to keep your feet cool. If you are headed out on a hike in the New Braunfels area, soak a bandana or cooling towel in cold water to tie around your neck. This will help keep you cool while battling high temps.

Combating Bugs When Camping in the Heat 
Be sure to pack your bug spray of choice for your visit to KL Cliffside Ranch. There will be all types of bugs in the area and without proper repellant, those bugs can ruin your camping trip. There are a multitude of bug sprays available, we will leave that decision up to you, but just know that you need something to protect yourself from pesky insects while camping along the Guadalupe River.

High temperatures don’t have to ruin your camping trip to KL Cliffside Ranch on River Road. With the proper preparation you can have a great time camping in the heat.