With so much of today’s society dependent upon technology for just about anything and everything, it can be difficult to truly unplug and detach. There are multiple mental and physical health benefits to camping and other outdoor activities. Here are a few ways to help your kids truly enjoy camping at KL Ranch Cliffside.

Bring Games
For many kids technology provides some sort of gaming. Rather than completely banning games on your trip, trade out video games with family board games or other outdoor games such as cornhole, washers, horseshoes along the bank of the Guadalupe River. This also will promote engagement and social skills among your family members. With all the possibilities of games to play, there will be something for everyone.

Include Your Kids In Packing
The more you involve your kids in the preparation of the camping trip, the more likely they are to participate. Have your kids pick out gear, choose some games and activities and maybe even help plan meals. Allow them to have input and make the trip personalized to them as well.

Bring Along Friends and Family
Many kids struggle with the fear of missing out on things with their friends, especially if it involves detachment from technology. If possible, allow you kids to invite a friend to join them on the camping trip or make it an extended family trip. Being away from technology for an extended period of time may cause some anxiety in your children, but knowing they don’t have to do it alone may help ease those thoughts.

Cook Meals Together
Your children are much more likely to show interest in your trip if you make it more engaging and dynamic. Include your children in cooking the meals for your camping trip throughout the day. Depending on their age and ability these tasks can vary, but even younger children can help stir something or set out eating utensils. Camping is a great time to teach your kids how to cook various items over a campfire.

Nighttime Activities
While there are usually always plenty of daytime activities planned, don’t leave out nighttime activities as well. When at home, nighttime is usually reserved for homework or even scrolling through their social media accounts. While camping, use nighttime to look at the stars, take a nighttime hike-with appropriate lighting, of course, tell ghost stories or listen for animal sounds. Some of your greatest memories can be created after the sun goes down.

“Roughing It”
While camping, fully embrace being outdoors. Don’t worry about getting dirty! Allow your kids to splash around in the river, climb trees and maybe even make a mud pie or two. There are so many great outdoor activities to engage in while camping at KL Ranch Cliffside, let your imagination wonder!