When it comes to river levels, everything is measured in CFS, or cubic feet per second. When you get ready to tube the Guadalupe river here in New Braunfels, you definitely want to check our website for the CFS levels. To help better understand CFS, you can thing of it like this:

1 cubic foot per second = 7.4805 gallons flowing by a particular point in that one second.

A basketball is almost a perfect 1 cubic foot, so wherever you are on the Guadalupe River, and hopefully tubing with us at KL Ranch Cliffside, imagine that many basketballs going by you in one second. If the river is at 100cfs, and you threw 100 basetballs in the Guadalupe River, it would take one second for those basketballs to travel the distance of a cubic foot. The lower the CFS, the slower the flow, the longer your tube ride, which isn’t all that bad!